Saturday, April 10, 2010

i see red! i see red! i see red!

Is it weird if I announce that I have a girlcrush on Taylor Tomasi?

The woman can dress. And she has THE most lovely shade of red hair. My grandfather was a redhead (curly, thick and auburn, lucky man) and my mum once told me that she reckons I'll have little redheaded children because it "skips a generation." I don't know if she was making that up (can anyone verify this wild claim? Because none of her siblings were red and neither is my brother nor I? And that's two generations, right there...) but I'm kinda hoping it comes true!
I got re-redded today (glorious!) and read Angela McRobbie while the dye set (after reading an old Vogue Australia and a new Grazia, but surely they can be counted as 'texts' too, right? Anyone? Bueller?)

I find it strange, that I feel more 'myself' as a redhead. I'm naturally an ashy blonde and it's a fine colour, but when I first redded up (March 2009, my hair and I just had our one year anniversary) it felt like I was always supposed to be red.
I remember talking about this phenomenon of feeling like oneself in an ethnography seminar a couple of years ago (ethnography is a kind of anthropology which is more focused on understanding experience from an individual's perspective.) My tutor Kate was throwing around ideas such as how it's odd that we often express sentiments like 'I'm not myself today', because who else can you ever be? It's as if your idea of who you are is the DEFINITIVE you, a 'you' that recedes or advances depending on external circumstances or the vagaries of your mood. What is implied the use of that word 'myself' is that you are some other self when you don't feel 'yourself'- but can you ever be not-yourself? And how bizarre, the feeling that something had aligned inside me when I saw how I looked with red hair- a sense of rightness. So much of who you are is internal- and all it took was a look to see myself differently.
I find it amazing and wonderful that being able to alter our appearance has such a deep effect on who we feel we are. That's one of the reasons that I love fashion and clothing so much- you get to play with the identity you present to the world around you and how you are perceived. Perhaps this is all a bit incoherent- I'm just workshopping these thoughts as I write. But it has intrigued me for a while, the chameleon self-making aspect of fashion.

Some footnotes:
1. All the photographs of Taylor Tomasi are taken from my favourite streetstyle photographer Tommy Ton's blog JAK&JIL
2. Please excuse the dodgy quality of my self-photo. It's superbad because I don't actually own a camera and I had to resort to Photo Booth.

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