Thursday, March 25, 2010

the light in the dark

… and her name is Angela McRobbie.

I’m reading Postmodernism and Popular Culture and am finding that she’s hitting all my bases- the perceived differences between youth subculture and mainstream popular culture; how the latter co-opts the former for authenticity; the relationship between commercialism, career, community and subculture (swap 'subculture' for 'personal style bloggers' and that’s my PhD written, right there); the ‘Real Me’ and ‘I’ and fragmentation; and so much else! And the book is due back at the library today and I’m only halfway through (the perils of starting (devouring?) Anna Karenina when you have a library deadline. Though the fault is mostly mine, I doubt we will ever be friends, Fisher Short Loan.)

And a string of other fairy-lights wrapping around my MacBook: the discovery of a whole host of other bloggers including 4th and Bleeker, Fashion Hayley, Style Lines and Zanita who are all Australian and are all high quality (clear photos, distinct authorial voice- what a relief!); my supervisor’s recommendation of Footpath Zeitgeist whose posts I immediately wanted to start commenting on (but when I tried to articulate my responses, I felt like I was rambling incoherently compared with her clearly expressed thoughts- talking of feelings of academic fraudulence, which we were in class this week. Hear, hear!); and finally, the continuing development of my logo by my beautiful and talented friend Lindy who is scarily good at graphic design.

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