Wednesday, April 21, 2010

relief? or something else entirely.

Um. So I know we just chatted a few hours ago. 
But today was a glorious sunny day, a summer's day stolen from who knows when because it's almost the end of April (why? how?!) and the days should be crisp and cool, not languorous and daffodil yellow. 
Nevertheless, do not read this as a complaint! Do not read this at all, but flicker your lazy, dazy eyes over these photos I took on another stolen day last July. Sandwiched between Toronto-New York- San Francisco and San Franciso-Sydney was nine hours of freedom from aeroplane food trays and sardine chairs. 
I got the train into the city centre and wandered to my heart's content. The bright and faded colours, the energy and the relaxedness still make me grin. Gorgeous day. Gifted afternoon.

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