Thursday, April 29, 2010

to outfit post or not to outfit post, that is the question.

move over Hamlet. Existential ponderings have nothing on this.
So. Readers. I am having a dilemma that I am hoping you can help me think through. Don't be afraid of the 'comment' button on this one, because I'm in two minds which ain't conducive to action.

The dilemma is this: part of the reason I started this blog is to do a little of what I (okay, what pretty much everyone) like to call 'participant observation'. That by doing the thing itself (blogging, obvz) I will be able to understand blogging in ways that other bloggers understand it. To quote myself- and let me interrupt this sentence to say that yes, I am cringing at my own self-referentiality but also yes, I said the same thing in my research proposal so let's cut a corner and recycle-

(Blogging myself) will reveal everyday knowledges that may not seem important to the bloggers but which would be unknowable without doing it myself- things like the obligation you feel to your readers to post regularly or the nervousness that rises when you fiddle with your blog’s CSS for the first time to achieve the desired appearance of your page.

So anyway, blogging I can do. But a major part of what other bloggers do is posts on their everyday outfits, which is something I feel deeply awkward about doing! 
Of course I love getting dressed for the day, engaging in that old Q&A of how do I feel today and how can that be manifested through the entire contents of my wardrobe? Some of my clothes practically have personalities because of all the adventures we've had together. So showing them off would be like introducing you to my besties (including the newest, coolest girl on the block- the last season but o so timeless Chloe coat I bought three weeks ago from a consignment store in Paddington. Navy, one hundred per cent wool, silk/cotton lining, to die for, to die for, to die for.)

However (and therein lies the rub).

Outfit posting would make me feel like the biggest narcissist in the land. I feel like I'm too old (ha!) to take photos of myself in poses. To push further into that- well, I feel self-conscious in most photos most of the time anyway, so to purposely pose for them so that you can all look at what I'm wearing- ugh. I would feel very exposed, I guess. And as if I was being a try-hard *o look at me, guyz, I can do it too!*, lacking authenticity because I wasn't there from the beginning, I am not as young as a lot of the bloggers... I'm also shying away from positioning myself as the focus like that, and yet isn't that what I'm doing by writing this blog anyway? (The most frequently used word on here has to be 'I', surely!)

But, funnily enough, I don't look at other bloggers' outfit posts and judge them the way I am judging myself. Like heaps of other people, I love looking at outfit posts- I'm intrigued by how the bloggers pose, who takes the photos for them, and what they wear. it's inspiring, interesting, sometimes funny, sometimes odd. 

And, at the end of the day, doing it would definitely add to my knowledge about what doing a style blog is like, which has to be invaluable, right?

I feel like I just found an answer. 

O geez.

To move away from my own ambiguity, here are some of my favourite recent outfit shots. Enjoy. . .

ps. Let's not go getting any high expectations here, though, friends. If I DO cave to the niggling feeling of inevitability, my outfit posts probs won't look as polished and excellent as these. I'm feeling that between my brick-like camera phone and the techonological marvel that is Apple's Photo Booth, you can eagerly await some yellow-toned and slightly blurry shots. Get excited!


  1. If you are in it to experience the act of blogging, surely to not post pictures of yourself would be to not fully experience the act. You have posted pictures of yourself before. Do as many of those current favourites of yours have have done and shield your face with that beautiful red hair if you have to. Go on, do it (and write, not necessarily here, about it. I'm sure it will be an incredibly valuable experience).

  2. Heck YES, post your outfits! On the simplest of levels, I need more Rosie fixes. Love from T.O.!

  3. Hi Rosie,
    I say YES to outfit posts because my inner voyeur wants nothing more than to see the contents of your wardrobe. Simple as that really!