Monday, April 12, 2010

what I want from you. . . is your voice.

I went back to FOXYMAN this morning and found a farewell where before there had been corsets and leather, spiked rings, student fashion show photographs and a helluva lot of don't-give-a-shit attitude. Nadia, the lady behind FOXYMAN, has decamped to establish a label- or, ' a brand, an idea, an image, a dialogue, a strategy, a transformation, a design, this blog, a motion picture, a label, a personality, a website, a quote, a garment, an emotion and an evolution'- with her RMIT partner-in-crime, Cami. I'm going to try and get my hot little hands on a copy of their theses (which sound so pertinent to my own questions, exciting) but in the meantime, chew over this:
Both of us have been, for quite some time, pretty hard into technology and online communication... This probably has a lot to do with how limiting it can feel to be in the Australian market, not only feeling isolated on a geographical scale, but also having inverted seasons to the rest of the world (obviously with climate change, amongst many other things, seasons are becoming increasingly irrelevant). Through use of the Internet, we gain access to rest of the world instantly, it closes the gap between trends in what are considered the ‘fashion mecca’s’ of the world and our own local trends. We’re  increasingly moving towards larger scale global trends because information is so instantly passed through channels around the world. Through online retail, and the ability to buy from anywhere in the world, we’re now able to choose season/trend/culture/style – irrespective of location... The evolution of the online consumer has superseded the industry’s pace. In essence, we recognize that the traditional fashion system lags even in comparison to the counterfeit one. If you acknowledge that collections are designed (give or take) 6 months before the images of them are released and then available for purchase a further 6 months later, it becomes transparent that with the evolution of the web and democratization of citizen journalism, in the form of the blog, this system is outdated...
We came up with DI$COUNT because we refused to change our ideals to fit into the system.
Our idea of fashion stretches beyond just clothing.
We don’t want to focus on just our love of clothing. It’s kind of irrelevant nowadays because of the democratization of media and advertising, and also how autodidactic learning through the internet has provided the means for people to teach themselves the skills they need without necessarily studying it specifically – meaning you can create your own brand without the cost, limitations on genre/field – cross disciplinary work is becoming easier and more expected, to be a ‘jack of all trade’s’ etc. Fashion is becoming an ambiguous term; it was never exclusively applicable to just clothing, yet was popularized by the clothing system to the point where most of us seem to have a hard time remembering what the word actually means.
Here are some of my favourite photographs from the FOXYMAN glory days:
These still catch my breath. The colours, the layering, the imagination! It makes chucking a corset over a t-shirt seem like child's play.
Spot the Vivienne Westwood Armour ring. I found one in Rellik in London, it's incredible.
As it's an XS, though, thank goodness I have skinny fingers ('skingers', according to Meg)

The No Di$count ladies. Keen to see what happens next. . .

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