Wednesday, April 21, 2010

you never even saw me on here, ok?

OK, just quickly (because it's T-minus 6.5 hours until the essay is due!):

Two things that might make your day more hilarious, and we can thank the glorious world of style blogs for both. Let's take a moment, and be grateful. . . All right, that's enough.

Number One: Check out these two French boys at P&P. Their blog is a hilarious pisstake on all the style bloggerisms that we've come to know and cherish- the coy foot-turned-in stance on the doorstep, the reach for something just off-camera... and their take on Breton stripes actually made me laugh out loud. (And I kind of hate that I can't say 'laugh out loud' anymore without thinking of the tweeny contraction 'LOL'? *shudder*)

Number Two: Talking of 'bloggerisms', take some time to touch base with our fave big sister blogger Susie Bubble who has written a funny on that very topic! Self-deprecating, chuckle-inducing and accurate- what better combination for a Wednesday morning?

And FYI, if you've been living under a rock (or if you could care less about the style blogosphere and you're reading this because you're my friend and I twisted your arm into coming on here and reading it, hiiiiii!) at RAFW this year there will be two special blogguests- Susie Bubble and Tommy Ton.

Maybe we can workshop ways that I can meet them and ask them lots of deep and interesting questions about their experience of style blogging? And how I can, at the same time, have a prime opportunity to gush?


And Susie? . . .  uh, sorry, i just died!!

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