Saturday, June 12, 2010

about your hair you needn't care, you look beautiful all the time.


Today, I want to wear like this. Black. Distressed, dishevelled, moth-eaten and careworn. Hair in a high bun that doesn't draggle down but stays up, looks soft. Preferrably all atop very high, very ferocious black heels. Tempted to trawl my wardrobe but I fear the only hole-y item I have there is a dying Witchery cardigan that gapes at my elbows, so hard has it been loved. 

And then there's Jane, who dressed like this the other day:

when all the while I have been waiting for the right moment to wear this confection:

 Vintage Emanuel Ungaro silk t-shirt, Kini Gerlinki embellished chiffon skirt

 Jane, have you been reading my mind from over there in Texas?

Why haven't I put on this Technicolour dream ensemb, you ask? Far too cold. The Sydney sky mocks us by pretending to be summery with its shade of clean, clear blue, when it is really pure and cold as a ball of ice-cream. My fingers and toes are a delicate shade of frozen, and I don't leave the house without a scarf and a coat. And thick socks. And boots. Which makes me feel like a wimp because when Toronto was home, zero degrees was a warm day. But I am heading away on my church's camp this weekend which means only one thing:

MY HAND-KNITTED WOOLLEN LAMB JUMPER!!!!!!!! My mum knitted this when she was my age- and let me take this moment to state that my mum is the best knitter ever, period. The lambs on the sleeves perfectly align with the lambs across the front, all I'm sayin'. And wearing it is like having a hug.

So despite the frostbitten mornings, I'll be toasty. And buckling up under blankets with my Bible (Romans 8, can't wait) and endless cups of tea and furiously reading 'Seeing Through Clothes' during free time.
Hope your long weekend is delightful!


  1. yo mother was riffing on lady di.

  2. IT'S THE EXACT SAME PATTERN!!!!! How did you remember this? Did you have a Lady Di picture scrapbook, Meggan? Be honest now.