Tuesday, June 22, 2010

all like fingerprints

Good {Monday} morning; good grief, a rainy soft-grey morning forging a path away from the sun-drenched footsteps of the weekend. I woke early and with purpose, edited my essay plan over a skim cap, debated what to wear* and what music to listen to.*
Decided to apologise in advance for being distant this week- it's not because I don't care but because I have a Friday due date and I want to make it magnificent. Ambitious for a first draft of a second chapter, I know, but there you are. 

I'm leaving you with some images that tumble over my screen when I have been gazing into space for too long (I'm thinking, 'course! well. . . and sometimes watching a sodden little rainbow lorikeet shiver the water out of his feathers on the powerline outside my window.) Some are from the Met Museum, some are from jak&jil, some are from my wanderings through the internet.

Virginia Woolf meets Andy Warhol meets paintball.

I could write a whole post about the wonderful names given to the colours and markings of horses. Appaloosa. Strawberry roan. Dark bay. Piebald. Dappled grey. Palomino. Skewbald. And, for the above beauty, liver chestnut. 

For me, it's about his hat and his presence. If I was a fashion designer, this would be the inspiration behind my first collection.


*1. The dilemma of working from home. Do you wear comfortable clothes that make you feel relaxed (and tempt you to slovenly ways) or do you go more dressy (less relaxed but more purposeful)? I chose the more dressy option today for something different- a new second-hand dress covered in purple and orange paisley and briar branches with a frilly collar and a nipped waist. Makes me feel more focused, hurrah!

*2. Today I'm feeling Feist and Boy+Bear. A splash of Debussy. And during my breaks, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

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