Saturday, June 5, 2010

Have you seen my ghost? (seen my ghost, seen my ghost)

When I was in high school, I would cut out every picture that caught my fancy and would collage it into my standard-issue school diary. I stumbled on one such sketch recently and it made me smile. This is the sketch (collaged, of course, next to a sketch by Karl Lagerfeld that was torn from an old Vogue Australia, no surprises there.)

I remember seeing it in the pages of the SMH's Good Living section and being crazy about the puffed sleeves. Tore it out, kept it. Started going to a new church when I got back from Canada last year and I met Bek- as in, half of the team that designed this outfit. Over coffee one day I blushingly told her that I remembered her erstwhile label by this sketch which I had kept. She laughed her brilliant, bright laugh and we were fast friends- if you can admit a girly crush on a new friend like this, it's for life.

But wait. Bek tells me that she kept one of EVERYTHING that she and Ed designed and that she has recently cleansed out her wardrobe and would I like to come and see if there's anything I'd like in the mix? She tells me, o so casually, that she thinks she even has one of those puffed sleeve boleros spare. . .
I think by this stage I was gripping the edge of the table, white-knuckled, and frantically trying to change the dial of my expression from STALKER EAGER to casual interest. I had no idea what treasures were in store but part of my generously given haul was this little number. . .

Check out the contrast lining! Yellow stripes and floral embroidery! The
outer of the jacket is washed linen with hand-painted flowers.

You don't get a great visual of the bolero when it's on a hanger; it comes to life when you wear it. Here are my dazzling self-shots, standing in my kitchen by our biggest window for the natural light. I teamed it with a gorgeous skirt I got at Kinki Gerlinki in Melbourne- the exaggerated hip reminds me of the Balenciaga floral armour collection from a few years ago, but being rendered in kingfisher blue chiffon the effect is entirely different!

Before you smirk, I was being deliberately cutesy! Why not, when you're wearing two kinds of puff?

It's a kind of insane coincidence-or-something story but I love it. Feel so lucky. And airy-sleeved!

Outfit: Ed&Bek bolero; Second Chance lacy top over Kookai white singlet, Kinki Gerlinki skirt, Leona Edmiston smoke-blue tights, Mollini purple satin pumps.

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  1. fashion wish-fulfilment city! i love a little use of freudian jargon in a fashion context, you can almost hear him turn over in his grave. :)