Thursday, June 24, 2010

like sand through the hourglass

All right, blogosphere. I'll be quick because I'm being a bit naughty, really. Shouldn't be writing you letters, really, but should be using my letters to form formal words that will spill down a double spaced, 12 point page or ten. (Have I told you the one where I used to think double spacing meant that each word had to have two spaces between it and the next?  Like  this.  And  thus  I  typed  a  whole  script  for  my  Year  Twelve  Drama  final,  all  fifteen  pages  of  it.  How  do  you  reformat  such  an  error,  you  ask?  You  go  word  by  word  and  delete  one  space  at  a  time.)

But I digress. A few things:

First. Tavi went to Toronto. Of course she did. It's like that time the Sartorialist and Garance Dore came to Sydney and I was in Canada, but on the flip-side. Not like she would have sent me a PM on the FB to say 'hey Rosie, let's go get some sandwiches and pickles at Schwartzes and then ride our bikes over to Print Vintage to snaffle us some old velvet dresses' but WHATEVS LIKE I EVEN CARE. (That's a lie- I totally care. TAVI, COME TO SYDNEY AND HAVE ADVENTURES WITH ME?)

Second. I got a new job (hurrah!) and to celebrate, I got a new dress (HURRAH!) It's from my favourite vintage store in Melbourne called American Rag. I took some shoddy photos of it and I will put a select number up for your amusement. They don't do the dress justice, they really don't. When Bel comes home she might graciously snap some non-blurry, non-greyish ones but until then, you're stuck with these!

It's a finely woven wool, kingfisher blue and pea green paisley, long sleeves, nipped little waist.

In which I look less elongated and slender and more... 

like this. 
Please note: am not pregnant. Kind of funny, though?
See the gorgeous print? 

Me, the dress and an Alexander Wang-styles plait. Really a gratuitous shot to show off the plait.

Third. Writing went well last night, buddies. Sat at the kitchen table with Tess, a little candle burning* and green tea and biscotti* at hand. Looked out the window into the night for a bit while thoughts slowly presented themselves to me, and then it became like a dance. It was a careful waltz, I didn't want to scare the ideas off, but to shape them into something lovely- the loveliness being an idea clearly expressed. Delightful.

1*. An old tutor told me that everyone goes a little crazy when they write their thesis. She told me that it's perfectly normal to have weird habitual behaviour that makes you feel like you can do your work- and that she couldn't write unless she was wearing a tiara! My crazy so far is that I need a candle burning nearby but I am hoping that some others develop along the way! I'll keep you posted.

2*. Some people cry when they are stressed. I bake. This week's panic attack produced a delicious batch of orange and almond biscotti.

OK! Back to work. But before I go- another lovely hourglass photo. Lara Stone: stone. cold. fox.

Tavi image from here. Mia Farrow image and Lara Stone image courtesy of a Google Image search.


  1. Or you can do a find and replace, replacing two spaces with one.
    Good colours Rosie, Kingfisher cool.
    : )

    EDIT: Verification word is 'COWSHE' wicked.

  2. NO-!!!

    I am speechless. It honestly took me about three hours to remedy. Why weren't we friends seven years ago, MC? Dev.

    Ps. thanks! kind of an unusual combination, am I right?

  3. Yes unusual, should be Heifer.

    Or did you mean the colours, if so, I think they tonally work. Smashing.

    Sorry, I'm working on a time machine.

    : )