Wednesday, June 2, 2010

a love letter

Though I haven't been near you for days, for nights, I have felt your absence, make no mistake.  And though my fingers weren't adding entries to your ever-expanding repertoire of musings on style blogs and awkward self-portraits, they itched to return to the keyboard. You might say I was having a fling- but it was to make what we have stronger!

Here is where I have been:

Crowded little laneways so brimming with people that the signs have to be hung high and sideways to make room. Spiritual home of slick fire-engine red lipstick on redheads and brunettes alike, of plaid skirts paired with blouses and saucy elegance, of street art covered in street grime, of decadent desserts (chocalate ganache with hard nougat and anise ice-cream? yesplease), of bars tucked up high in the garters of buildings, and of clothes, clothes clothes.

There will be many a post to follow on my four days of exploring the city accompanied by my mum, my dad and often both at once. So though I neglected you dreadfully, little blog, do not be thinking you were far from my thoughts- it was for you that I put my pride on the line and asked strangers if I could take photographs of their shops (WITH MY BLACKBERRY. Least I could do would be to have an awesome big SLR or an edgy little Diana... o well). It was for you that I memorised the names of aforementioned shops so I can be a proxy tour guide for our mutual friends, our readers.

And so please please forgive me for not posting for four whole days. Not even once. For you lingered in my thoughts and it is to you I have returned (with my swagger and my 3.1 megapixellated photos.)

I remain faithfully yours,
Rosie xx

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