Saturday, June 26, 2010

my brain feels like a brick

and I have no words left.

Well, that's a lie, I always have something to say! Usually when I hand in an essay I feel giddy relief, if it's the last one, or at least a sense of accomplishment, something finished. But this time- not so. Probably because it's a beginning, not an end. I was writing the first draft of my second chapter, and it ended up being just the first half of my chapter, and now I've been taken by the essay-writing fever, I don't know if I'm going to be able to stop! But I looked at my final word count (almost exactly 5000 words, thank you, thank you) and instead of thinking "done!" I thought- "another 70-95 000 to go!"

Enough, for now, and of course I am glad that it's in. And yes, it's an accomplishment of sorts because it's writing and it's down on paper (and out of my head!) and done. But I am anticipating now what the next two and a half years (let's be optimistic, right?) will be like. If like this, then that's not so bad- but where o where will all those words come from?



Dang! Sessilee Lopez, you take a fine photo.

The crazy of this outfit is equal parts astounding and marvellous. HUGE triangular bustle + sprouting cabbage roses out of the crown of your head + enough plumage to put an ostrich to shame + a nonchalant look to say, '...So?' = ya makin' ma day, Irina.

In between fashion theory, I'm devouring 'Just Kids' by Patti Smith. She makes the everyday lyrical. And I'm amazed at how she loves Robert Mapplethorpe by not suffocating him in love or wanting to have him all to herself, but simply by loving him and letting him be free in that. It seems like a rare quality. (PS. Chose this image because it's like Didi and Gogo from Godot are being played by two punk rockers. Best.)

Spun sugar vintage Vogue.

She has a rubber face!!!

J'adore. Someone drew this... not me, sadly.

Vintage Vogue x 2. I'm having a moment! I blame the Norman Parkinson book I got for Christmas.

CUTEST MAN ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been a negligent blogger and have failed to keep track of where all these photos came from. They were all off Google Images, if that helps? {pleasedon'tsueme!} I didn't take any of them- I think the last one is from, actually, but if you took any of them and want to be credited (don't lie now) send me an email and I'll take care o'that.


  1. Really Loving the Junya Watanabe collection as shown on the Satorialist blog, check out those trousers and coats. Rockin.

  2. Well-spotted, MC! I love the Bottega Veneta collection below as well... MAN!