Friday, June 4, 2010

still, I need your sway, cause you always pay for it

Who knows where inspiration comes from, blogosphere? Why sometimes looking at a magazine's editorial leaves you cold yet looking at it's ads ignites some 'YES GET ON MY BACK NOW' switch (for some reason I'm all about the birds these days- my favourite campaigns right now are Lara Stone for LV- pigeons- and Julianne Moore for Bvlgari- glorious sulphur-crested cockatoos.) It's not necessarily that I want what is in the image- often I don't- but the sentiment or the colours or some other intangible aspect sets me running to my wardrobe to find whatever it is that will make me look how that photo made me feel. Inspired.

Case in point- am flicking through The Age's (you didn't think I was done with Melbourne recap, did you? I have another three or four posts to go yet!) Sunday Life magazine and found... sad clowns! and dealbreakers! and jewel colours that clash in the most perfect ways! And so I did what any self-respecting blogger would do: I got out my camera(phone) and took photos of every page. For you, dear reader. Such is the nature of my dedication.

Apologies for when the flash clashed with the page- I did my best to angle the magazine to minimise the light inteference but it's very tricky do that and not somehow make the photo skewiff! An art I am yet perfecting.

Why so cranky, miss model? Big Moe on the left is real sad, you should apologise to him instead of rolling your eyes. Is it cause he won't share his military jacket? That would totz overwhelm the forest green/lilac legs vibe you're rocking anyway. I'd ask for Little 'un's steel-blue cap instead. . . 

She's getting her revenge by hanging with inert clowns instead- look at that smug stare. By the way, anyone else picking up a slight resemblance to Queen Michelle?

This photo. . . those dealbreakers! Someone hold me back. Never seen yellow ones before, and paired with that cloud of red at her throat. . . yowzers.


Maybe it's the height of her shoes, but doesn't she look like she's levitating here? Bizarre. . . but in a great way. I love the clash of her coat and her skirt. In this photo she is an eccentric Earl's niece who has roamed the manor for years and is about to be discovered by some crashing bore who wants to woo her but all she wants to do is idle with the deer in the nearby copse.

Not the most inspiring of the lot but I love her ruby legs by those cinematic chairs.

FLASH! Love her legs in this one- this whole shoot is a paeon to great, colourful legs. Side note- 'paeon' as a word casually dropped in a sentence? Pretentious or fantastic?

I've always been fascinated by circuses- half the short stories I wrote circa my HSC English Extension 2 project circulated around striped tents and noble 'freaks'. Something about the drama, the dirt, the colour, the shabbiness, the swirl of people coming and going. . . o no, someone stop me, I'm about to flow into prose! Quick! Put a Vogue under my nose!

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