Saturday, June 19, 2010

You had me at "they're bell-bottoms, bitches"

I like this blog (her blog, not my own. Well, I like my own too but. . . am I talking in circles? I think maybe, yes. Yes, I think I am.)

Anyway. I like this blog- her blog- a blog called Pavement Frippery. I don't know the blogger but she goes to my university (props for Sydney!) and she was described to me as the most stylish person the person I was talking to had ever met. And the person I was talking to (she has a name, duh, but this is just more mysterious?) ain't too shabby herself, what with her amazing straight-from-the-salon hair and all. You know those people? Their ends are always straight and not split in the slightest, and the volume is just right? The colour, perfectly toned and lush? You know those people? I am not one of them but I find myself glancing surrepticiously at their heads from time to time. Whaddayagonnado, judge me? So judge me.

Where was I? O yes. Pavement Frippery. It''s funny. It's smart. I like it.

ps. AND SHE DOESN'T LIKE CELERY EITHER! If she says she loathes both milk and cucumber, I may just have to make a t-shirt spelling out the name of her blog in glitter and hearts. But seriously.

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