Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ink is the new grey marle.

o my goodness. My first thought when I woke up was, 'what would a good nannying outfit look like?'

I am helping out my dearest ysic during the school holidays, and so have spent the past two days having fun with Four and (Nearly) Seven. Shouldn't have put too much thought into the ensemb, though, because my casual-nanny "look" (all Bassike layers of grey, green and white) was brought up-to-the-minute with eau de hot chocolate on the way to the park this morning!

It's simultaneously exciting and exhausting to join them in the world of children and discover that life happens moment-by-moment. They don't care what we're doing next, only what we're doing now, and if it involves discussing our favourite kinds of puppies and what we would call them if they were a boy or a girl, so much the better.

But I know y'all are dying to hear the outcome of the latest Bassike road trip, am I right? Um.
The one to the left (to the left.)
Except mine is a deep velvety-inky navy. 

They've actually been a bit creative with the styling here because it really sits more around hip height on, unless I just have the longest legs in the world? (NB: Unlikely.) It's more of a long tee than a knee-length little-dress-number but who the heck cares? It's soft. It's slouchy. And it's going nowhere near either babycino sized hot chocolates or nuclear-pink cupcake icing. 

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