Saturday, July 24, 2010

High five!

I've spent this week working on a chapter summary of my thesis and I'm starting to worry that I won't have enough to say. I know it's early days and all (being, what, five months in?) but. . . the spectre of 100 000 words lingers on the edges of my mind. And as I bullet-pointed all of my salient points (and, an aside- isn't 'salient points' a fantastic phrase? Do you think 'salient' is etymologically tied to 'saline' or 'saltiness'? The points that have the most flavour...) -anyway. As I bullet-pointed all of my salient points I began to wonder how many dot-points would be enough to span that many words.
And if I have six chapters then that's fifteen thousand words apiece, give or take. . . which. . . isn't so bad! O hang on-that's like a long-ish essay for each chapter? Totally do-able! I feel so much better!

This was going to be a whingey, whiny post about feeling intimidated by the amount of words but if I only have fifteen thousand to play with for each of those chapters... well, I'm going to have to edit the heck out of it instead! PHEW!

Wow. OK, is your head spinning? Mine is! From relief! And all it took was some division to make the humungous number not-so-intimidating after all. Happy days!

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