Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I just demolished an entire pot of beetroot dip and I may feel a little sick but I also feel so, so satisfied.

OK, so there's a new girl- I mean, man- in town and you would be hard pressed to miss him (her?) on the blogosphere. Have you met Gary Pepper yet?

(blaaaaaaack haaaaaaat! This is beyond a joke.)

Here he is! Confused? That's because Gary Pepper just may be the new frontier of style blogging. I have been meaning to write about this blog for quite some time now- Gary Pepper Vintage is a vintage clothing company; Gary Pepper also has a blog- and is written by Nicole Warne, an Australian lady  who sources and alters every one-of-a-kind item on the site.

So, Nicole finds and reworks the clothes, then she models them before posting them online to be bid over. She also writes a blog about her everyday adventures and does outfit posts- in which she appears in her own clothes. She also posts select images of items for sale in her shop on her blog- confused yet?

 Shots off the blog of clothes for sale

Outfit post/promo for her current giveaway: a YSL ring. (Notice the pose? So similar! Not especially significant, it's just interesting...)
The overlap is extraordinary- here her virtual identity is bound up in blogging, modelling, sewing and selling, and the clothes that are for sale and the clothes that are not are almost collapsed into one big branded enterprise. That's not to critique her industry- I think that what she is doing is extremely savvy, and seems to me to be a very clever way of capitalising on both the highly visual and representative nature of style blogs as well as a way to further her label. Why design a guest collection, why not just start your own and promote it on your own (wildly successful) blog? Fascinating.

And, on a side note, the clothes are so cute! I never buy clothes online because a. I like to see how they fit first; b. I like to see how the fabric feels; and c. I am super-competitive and get too worked up over online auctions to enjoy the experience. Shopping for me is slow, solo browsing, looking at everything (yes, everything) and thinking carefully over what I might like and why I don't like what I don't (this is partly why I like to shop solo. You don't want to come shopping with me unless you have stamina and patience, friends.) 
But. Gary Pepper is tempting me.

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