Tuesday, August 10, 2010

and talking of love


I saw 'I Am Love' at the movies last night. The men were dressed by Fendi, Tilda was dressed by Raf Simons at Jil Sander. The whole film was a visual feast, the gleam of light on white pearls, the juicy renting apart of a seared prawn, the langorous afternoon sunshine unravelling a lonely woman- my words seem ridiculously poetic on this grey day, this day with a soundtrack of rain. But escape into a theatre and watch the brittle exquisite performance of Tilda Swinton in this quietly foundation-shaking film and tell me you don't feel poetic too.

Images from Google.

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  1. have you heard of a film called L'Ecclise. It is also Italian, set in Rome. Some of these images remind me a little. It is very slow, very arty and yet I think it is my favourite film because every time I think of a particular image at the start I can feel the lightness of summer's early morning warmth on my skin.