Monday, August 23, 2010

Neil wouldn't know a new idea if it bit him in the pachanga.

Two tricky realities:

I don't have any cash to spare.

I don't have much self-control when it comes to internet-fuelled impulse buys.

Adorable husky by Sarah McNeil (too late! yesss)

Regal angel wings ring by Galibaldy UK (um... a heartbeat away from being too late. YESSSS)

A Mulberry Alexa bag. (Uh, never going to happen. And no, I don't want it because it's the latest "it" bag (vom) but because it reminds me of going to school in the 1900s. Not that I did. But I've always like imagining what it must have been like to go to school and write on a slate instead of paper and fish for tiddlywinks in the creek by the schoolhouse at lunchtime and stand on a little platform at the front of the class to recite your multiplication tables. All the while wearing gingham frocks to the knee and ribbons at the end of my long plaits ('course I have long plaits in the imaginary time travel. Don't question the details.) and the Alexa bag slots right in there. I'd stuff in my red apple for Teacher ('course I'd be a suck-up in this imaginary time travel. See previous parentheses) and extra chalk and a dog-eared novel that I'd read under my desk when Teacher talks about Geography. So you see. The Alexa bag is basically ESSENTIAL for my life. But- inevitably, undoubtedly and irrevocably- never going to happen.)

Somebody stop me.

ps. the fast banjo in 'little lion man' by mumford and sons gets me everytime. It's like a runaway freight train just crashed into a country hoe-down and everyone's invited!

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