Thursday, August 19, 2010

read into this anything you like.

. . . but I see it as my thesis in one black-and-white photograph. So, if a picture really does tell a thousand words, maybe the key is to photocopy it one hundred times and write my student number on the front of the stack? DONE!

ps. There are too many perfect aspects to this image to pour out, one by one but to name but one- the SHOES! gah.

ps. This was in a magazine ages ago- I forget which one, and now I need the detes for the ole bibliography and am kicking myself for not keeping a record. If anyone has any clue to its origin. . . I think it was when Tavi visited the Rodarte showroom ages ago? Can I get an uh-huh?

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  1. Check here:

    This handy tool searches images for you, there seem to be a few results.


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