Friday, September 3, 2010

Grey Spring 2010

This editorial is this Spring to me so far. We've swum three days deep into its grey, lukewarm seasonhood so far, and I've felt restless, unsettled. I keep looking at the sky, wishing the clouds would lift their chalk-grey skirts and trip away. Waiting for the brilliance of sunshine to be revealed, for the murky world to breathe out. 

Night flees from the dawn but yet there is a haze on the world- it's not just the grey, it's not just the pale warmth that crouches over the skin. It's a sense that we're hovering in an in-between, the transformation unfinished, and there must be more to come, surely. Yet what is there to do but continue to wait?

Half-waking nights. Thoughts fleeting- pausing- wide eyed in a toss turn of forearms and billowed skirts. Dreams as rich and vivid as gold.

Grey Spring 2010 photographed by Stefano Galuzzi, styled by Roxane Danse. I'm indebted to for the images.

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