Tuesday, September 21, 2010

hamburg sud.

Ok just quickly because my eyes are dry and tired from the late-night internet tomfoolery (wow. that sounds more saucy than the reality, which is catching up on the blogs I've neglected to read this week!)

Talking of Tavi- and when do I stop, though, really? Heaven forbid she ever stumble upon this blog and realise she has a diehard Australian fan ten years her senior (HI TAVI)- I think her latest post is reeeeeeeally interesting. I love it when she talks about her school experiences. In the early days, she would blog the comments that people made at her outfits and would lightly mock the follow-the-leader dressing style of her peers (the axis of evil: Abercrombie and Fitch, black panda eyeliner and Ugg boots), and now she has just started at high school. For those too lazy to click the link to the post, it's about how she wore a jumper that had the word 'feminist' knitted into it and her disappointment that it didn't garner more of a reaction. She then shares some inspirational quotes on beauty and individuality and rounds it out with chat about Kathleen Hanna and mocking her own facial expressions in photographs.

Two reactions:


 Tavi then.

Tavi now.
I was awash in nostalgia when I saw this image. She's standing back in one of her customary places for self-shooting and as I looked at the new, I was surrounded by the images of her past photographs. How insane is that?! But there was literally a sense of time collapsing together as I remembered some of my favourite posts which were shot in front of this very exterior wall of her house. The sense of a journey taken together over these past two and a bit years that I've been following Style Rookie. Stange yet wonderful. 


What was so great about dressing up in middle school was when people got really confused and sometimes even angry and had the most entertaining responses, but now a lot of them think they're supposed to like my outfits because some magazine does, and as a result, I am never challenged. The best was when people found out about this blog, and said things like, "Wow, I would not have guessed you care about fashion." I don't want to look like someone who cares about fashion.

Her peers think they're supposed to like her outfits because 'some magazine does.' And later, Tavi recounts a conversation she had with Kathleen Hanna in which she mentions what preoccupies the Fashion Set- who's sitting in the front row? which streetstyle photographers took whose photograph. This was a reminder to me that the people working in the fashion industry (in which it is de rigeur to put on a nonchalant face) actually do care very much that they are seen, that being seen to be fashionable is essential. It's interesting that this is not a concern for Tavi- she seems to want to challenge perceptions rather than be taken as stylish, chafing at the very acceptance of her style that her recognition by the fashion industry has afforded.

Anyway. There's more to say but I'm tired and have already optimistically set my alarm for six am. Whether I obey and get up or whether I throw filthy glares at the Blackberry as I groggily turn it off and fall asleep fo another three hours remains to be seen. But for now I'm off to bed.  

Images and quote from style rookie

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