Friday, September 24, 2010


This is kind of what I look like right now. But less cute and freshly curled and gingham frocked. More bleary-eyed, messy haired and pajama'd. Sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by ripped out foolscap pages. It's all in my head and I am looking forward to sharing my obsession academic interest in style blogs with my Department but editing is so hard to do. As you know if you read this blog (ha!)

On an unrelated note: the word 'chums.' Essentially British and plum-in-your-mouth but also kinda amazing? How do we feel about reintroducing it to everyday parlance? I feel good about it but wonder if I casually used it if people would look at me oddly. I think, yes, probably? But then I would feel like an Enid Blyton heroine, which is the real drawcard, y'know? I'd feel like I was the type of girl to have midnight feasts with lashings of ginger beer and treacle tarts and play lacrosse and solve mysteries at the seaside with my chums (!) and pet cocker spaniel over the summer. And who doesn't want to be that girl?

But now you know I am pulling a Marcel Duchamp (geddit? work avoidance!) so I'm signing off. See you on the other side of 2.30pm.

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  1. I'm a firm advocate for lashings of ginger ale and the use of the word chums, but just so you know, it wouldn't be a reintroduction. I never stopped using it. : )