Monday, December 20, 2010

we likey.

Ah, Christmas time. As the days draw closer to the big 2-5 I always find myself reflecting on the year just past, habitually forgetting that there is another week yet to pass before the year is officially over. And that week always takes me by surprise- I never know what I'm doing so any plans I do make feel haphazard, all streaming past in a haze of sun and sales buying when I don't actually want the slightly stained sass+bide denim vest but buy it anyway and swimming and barbeques and obviously these things aren't bad (except maybe for the denim vest? I think the only person who doesn't look like they're trying to channel Kate Moss when they wear one now is Kate Moss herself. And even she doesn't wear them all that often anymore. But I digress.)
I was trying to introduce you to Meg aka YSIC aka the first Christian lady I met who is as diehard into fashion as I am. That's not to say that I didn't know any fashionable Jesus loving ladies before, totes did, but Meg is someone who is as much of a nerd about fashion as me. She knows her Proenza Schouler from her Preen, knows each label Karl Lagerfeld designs for and how they differ from one another and is au fait with his creative side projects. When I tell her how much I have spent on 'marquee items' (cough Chloe coat cough Coach bag) instead of looking at me sideways and mentioning starving children she hi-fives me. And then tries the item on and pretends she's not going to give it back. She introduced me to Bassike and the term 'dealbreakers' which obviously has changed my life for the better AND she gfted me a Vanessa Bruno dress that we call the David Banda dress because if she needs it back at any time (aka David Banda's dad in relation to Madonna) then back it goes. Praying that that day never comes, probably much like Madonna. One of the few things I have in common with Madge. 
So anyway the reason I bring Meg up is that today she alerted me to a stunning omission, a glaring hole in the fabric that is this here blog.

meg: 'if I was the editor of fashademic and you were my writer, I would commission you to write a piece on "double bagging" today, with images. You know what I mean? Main bag + tote on same arm. Do we likey?

(that she quoted Alan Cummings from the SATC episode where Carrie models for D&G just sums it up perfectly, I think.)

rosie: as in... a nice handbag and a canvas nothing on the same shoulder? Is that fashion, meggie, or is that fashion's time-honoured foe, practicality?

meg: yes, that's what I mean. And I need you to TELL me whether it's fashion's friend or foe. I see it a lot is all I'm sayin' but I don't know how I feel about it until I read it on fashademic (ice the PhD for a while... this is important...)

then she sent me these under the heading 'I've practically done it for you':

Now far be it from me to say a word against the lovely Susie Bubble, whose style is infectious and whose blog is a personal favey dave. But anonymous blonde (I'm putting my money on Mary-Kate) and Renee Zellweggs, you're ruining the line of both your expenso bags by timesing by two- two cluttered, if you will (and I did!) 
And this is my Christmas style tip, friends (assuming that you don't wear earrings shaped like Rudolph's head complete with battery powered flashing red nose. In which case, remove and back away as fast as you can): an outfit generally shines brightest without an enormous bag hulking on your arm. However- it is also important to have stuff with you that you need like, I dunno, ID in case you get carded whilst trying to buy sherry for your Christmas shandies and money to pay for aforementioned sherry. In that case, one bag does the trick, and may it be as roomy and stylish as ye like. But more bags and you start to look like a walking coat rack. And I say that in love, as I frequently channel that look. That is, if coat racks stored library books and takeaway coffee cups as well. Let's heave a collective sigh for the strain we are putting on our shoulders and edit the crap we carry, yes? Awes.

Um. And while Meg and I were texting our conversation, I was finishing my Christmas shopping (that's right, suckahs!!!) and ended up... like... this:

So I texted her: guilty as charged.
meg: new coach???
rosie: same old! but I was flashing the purple lining at you like the ho-bag I am (literally)
meg: I am still getting over the blogged pix of your drop crotch. Fashademic sealed section.
rosie: you just made me lol.


  1. Oh dear. I do this all. the. time.

    I know it's not a good look (although my tote is rather pretty, if that helps? ;)), but I also think the fact that it's not is an indicator of how what we believe to be "fashionable" is as much an indicator of class and privilege as it is of aesthetics. Don't need to carry a bag, let alone multiple ones? Probably don't need to work, exercise, and probably don't have kids for that matter.

    Me? I have to take my laptop to work each day, and sometimes I like to go to the gym after work. That means carrying around clutter. I wish it didn't, but thems the breaks.

  2. I do too, Rachel! My wonky shoulders cry 'solidarity!' to yours...
    I think you're absolutely right, too. It's like a bag is a visual metaphor for the burden of labour. Sort of how high heels only work for women who don't have to walk very far ("I have a chauffeured towncar at my beck and call") and perfectly kept manicures used to be an indicator of a lady of leisure (my nails are always chipped and cracking. attractive.)
    I supposed, speaking practically, our options are one enormous, well-made bag that can handle the weight of our stuff or we stick with two bags BUT- the crucial but- we carry one in our hands and only wear one on the body? This would make for an excellent Project Runway challenge.