Friday, February 25, 2011

and this- just yes.

O look- I know I'm almost twentyfive and girl crushes are so, like, passe unless you're a Strawberry Kiwi Comet Lip Smacking, Bieber poster smooching, gum-snapping, hair-twirling, Miley Cyrus dance-move copying tween but hot dang, Taylor Tomasi Hill!

Girl's got it going on. Walk through this with me: three shades of green. Florals. Utility. Tulle. Jumper around her waist. High-tops. A BLUE PURSE. And somehow, somehow she looks great. She does not remotely look like she ran through a charity shop grabbing everything in the sameish colour because she forgot to get dressed before she left the house. Not remotely.
She looks like she doesn't care, all 'don't you know I work in fashion and I bend style to my every whim?' but also like she's too cool to ever be so wanky.
Right on.

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