Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Givenchy Spring 2011

This extraordinary collection seems to be a direct evolution from the garments Ricardo Tisci showed for Givenchy Haute Couture 2010. Tim Blanks touches on this in his comprehensive and interesting analysis, where he also discusses the inspiration behind this collection- namely, 'the Japan of robot toys and (Butoh artist) Kazuo Ohno.'

There is the stylised and sheer functionality of robots tied with their potential capabilities; the formality of ritual dancing with the promise of rippling movement. The thousands of hours of work behind the collection speaks through its intricacies, through the astounding fit, cut, technique and imagination behind these garments. 
Out of nothing came something, this collection appearing as both armour and as layers organically growing and interweaving over the models' bodies.

WARNING: Partial Nudity.


  1. Very 'Age of Adz'.

  2. I wish I knew who you were so I could thrill 'Age of Adz' enthusiasm at you. But yes- totz. Epic and structured, rambling and precise, breathtaking, monumental, ineffably unique. (end gush.)