Thursday, February 3, 2011

how do you feel about heavy lifting?

A year and two months later and it is time to pack up my room, kiss the view of the rooftops and the Hokusai tribute mural goodbye, and carry all my worldly goods a few streets away. I know I should be thinking of logistical things like begging friends with cars to help me (... hi guys) and making lists of things we need like, o I don't know, couches and cutlery and sets of housekeys but imagining how to decorate the home is a much more enjoyable way to drift through the day. So I turned to the perennial fount of inspiration for all things home, The Selby. Here's what my home in my head looks like today, give or take a few details.

 Living room: mismatched furniture, lots of space, lots of light, plants and books. A tumble of colour but also peaceful.

 Plants in every possible place.

 Every. Possible. Place.
 And a little herb garden against the back fence. Preferably with a fragment of a surfboard lurking behind the foliage.

 Everything in this shot pleases me. 
I found a vintage Gucci briefcase at Rozelle Markets a few weeks ago: it has its previous owner's initials engraved on the brass (A.B.R., I hardly knew you) and it's just decrepit enough to fill with books or magazine clippings but just holding together enough to use at uni when I need to carry my laptop in. Not as neat as his LV luggage but still pretty special. Also: the books, the deskchair and those boots are gorge-chokingly wonderful. 

I feel ambivalent about the indigenous artefacts in the background but it makes for a funny juxtaposition. And the colours are perfectly in sync- it's so retro and tongue in cheek and kitsch! I think those are Lennon and Harrison's signatures printed on the bobbleheads too- gah!

 OK yes. Just yes to everything here. The stuffed-in books, the hands, the globe, the print of the ship. But especially the stuffed-in books. My sister-in-law's dad helped me move one of the many times I've moved in the past five years and he joked that I could started the Gymea Regional Lending Library. So if you want to borrow a book on fashion theory or some mid-nineteenth century fiction I'm your girl. I also have an impressive selection of pony novels: anything and everything from the Jinny series to My Friend Flicka to the Jackie books to Mustang: Wild Spirit of the West. Call me.

More stuffed-in books! My new bedroom has a fireplace and this is just too tempting a visual. And the range of artworks in frame, o yes. O yes. Pamela Love, your home is incroyable.

 The tricky question of how to display one's jewellery is just perfectly answered by this plastic hand. I want one! Where does one find a plastic hand? I feel like Ebay is the place to start but hey, if you see one around, drop me a line, girlfriend.

 Jewellery display dilemma continued. I especially like the photograph of her parents in the back there. And the bottles. And. Well. Yeah, everything.

 A textiles wall. No home is complete without one! So lush.

Kate Spade's boudoir. The lacquer on that desk is gorgeous as is her mirror as is the book collection on the window sill. 

I think I have learned two things about myself today: 
one. my new home will inevitably be full of books in improbable places and lots and lots of plants. 
two. it might be easier if Pamela Love just comes over to Sydney to help me decorate.


  1. ah moving, i dont envy you at all. ive just finished what has been a 3 weeek moving process and it is draining to say the least.
    I have a hand just like that which is from urban outfitters.
    good luck!

  2. Perhaps you and I have lived together in another life as I feel exactly the same way and already have books stuffed EVERYWHERE. (Amen to the pony book collection... I recently let mine go to the home of another little girl I figured it was about time to share the love at 25..)
    Love the blog

  3. O I could never let them go! They feel like trusted friends... that's very Toy Story 3/generous-hearted/lovely of you, C. Thanks for the blog props (can I use 'props' ironically? I hope so) - I love yours too! Especially the skirt (YOU MADE!) and carpet vest ensemb- nice mix of vintage and modern, it looks great! Are you liking your course? Hope so x

  4. Loving the course, in an 'online' class now but typically the lecturers are technologically inept and the course ware is not available, so three hours on free wifi browsing fashion blogs as 'study' suits me fine! Props ironically OF COURSE :)
    Loving your latest post on the guillotine ring...
    Love C