Monday, February 28, 2011

sorry, what?

The day has involved a ten minute rundown of Foucault's entire oeuvre*, an obstacle course to the Arc consisting of hundreds of new students and a speedboat on Eastern Avenue (why, Sydney Uni?), being locked out of the Arc twice because our new student cards haven't been updated yet or somesuch technological something, and following threads of ideas leading me away from what I think I know into a haze where everything is up for grabs.

Have you ever thought about what the 'self' is? What informs it, what limits it, where it ends (if it ends) and where it begins (if it begins)? Can I in my selfhood be encountered in ways other than you meeting me in "real" life?

And then there are chimerical words like 'reality' and 'authenticity' which are deceptively handy because behind their letters lies an vagueness, an undisputed claim of tangibility by a concept that which is not tangible or undisputed in the least. What is reality anyway? (ha! blog pun!) and how can something be 'inauthentic'? What determines its inauthenticity but someone else's subjective reading? 
You see what my morning has been like.

My mind is now a piece of underwear elastic that has been through the wash too many times, you know? Slack and a bit amorphous in shape and it has no more give. But I think that's good because it means we're getting somewhere ('we're' being a euphemism for me... and my brain?)

I think it's lunchtime. 
But before I go, something to tease out if your own mind isn't a piece of underwear elastic too:

"Blogs therefore can be considered important for their ability to capture streams of conscious thought pushing the boundaries of the known and culturally accepted imagining alternatives to today's realities."

That's from a paper given at the 1st Global Conference of Fashion: Exploring Critical Issues by Claire Allen from the University of Huddersfield. It looks radtastic and I have my heart set on going whether I present there or not. A whole conference discussing fashion? Uh. Yesplease.

* hi tommy.


  1. Off topic: Was the text on here always centre-aligned, or is that fairly recent?

  2. I started centring the text a few months ago.. it looks less imbalanced this way, I think.

  3. I suppose? A little more tiring to read when there is a great deal of text, but appropriate for a writing-about-fashion blog to follow the ideals of appearance, rather than function. :D

    Aside: Any idea where Model Burnbook went to? It's been gone from Tumblr for a while now. :/