Sunday, February 13, 2011

sugar cane juice with lime on a hot day.

I'm coming late to the party I know. After all, she's already been nominated for a Bloglovin' Award (Newcomer of the Year) and today was my first time looking at her blog. Her outfit posts are beautifully photographed though, and are contrasted with pictures of collections she likes as well as photo essays of her life. She's also Australian (from sunny Queensland, represent) so you should take a look.

NB: What was interesting for me was trying to figure out if she was Australian. It's a game I play with most style blogs- where do you come from?- because the bloggers' style is rarely a giveaway. For example, Mandy's clothes are from L.A., TopShop and other places not in Australia but she was wearing the garments in a sugar cane field. And then she talked about how long the flight to NY was for the Bloglovin' awards and then-o! photo essay on a QLD summer. Guess the blur just underlines how global style is now. Internet and all that.

Each of these images could inspire a short story. it's details like the white paint in her eyebrow, the light making maps of his spectacle lenses and the glimpse of his arm through the wing that make these lovely. O, and the jewellery's okay too.

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