Monday, March 28, 2011

Your new favourite costume jewellers

My visit to Alice Euphemia had to be a post all of it's own because of the delights discovered therein.

The gorgeous window displays of this wildly imaginative boutique featuring Australian clothing labels like Lover, RWB, Arnsdorf, Ellery and jewellery lines by A.D. (who made this necklace), Anna Davern, Exhibit K, Natalia Milosz-Piekarska and Seb Brown. 
If the names of these jewellery designers are new to you it might be because they are all Melbourne-based and independent but costume lovers rejoice! because I'll introduce them to you one by one.

For her collections called 'Rocks', Anna Davern has printed Cartier style diamonds onto steel then cut them out so it looks like you're wearing enormous 20 carat pear drops on your lobes. They make Elizabeth Taylor's jewels look positively pavĂ© set. The phrase 'lustworthy' does not begin to describe how lush these are.

that necklace! oi gevalt.

Almost the polar opposite in aesthetic is Karla Way's Exhibit K, which makes gorgeous resin drop pendants which look like carved fossilised wood, all soft brittle planes and edges. They were behind glass but my fingertips itched to touch them just to see what they were like. And the colours-! So muted and lovely.
And the good news is that she's showing her range with fellow jeweller Natalia Milosz-Piekarska at metalab in Surry Hills in Sydney- check it out! But only until March 31. Vite, vite!

Out of all her designs, it was Natalia Milosz-Piekarska's rings that I fell for- little metal beauties with the points of the stones pointing up to the wearer instead of down (in the traditional setting, which allows the facets of the stone to refract the light.) They look delicate and savage at the same time- a bit like this little'un:

And then there's Seb Brown. I basically wanted to perform a snatch and grab of all of his stuff. (But I didn't, Alice Euphemia, and that's key. Please let me back next time I'm in town...?) If I was a pundit of fashionspeak here I would bang on about how layering fine chains and delicate pendants is so on trend and is what Alexa and co. are doing to the nines all over town but I will not, I will refrain, and in the process will save us all a little sanity.
Suffice it to say that his chains are fine, his pendants are delicate but more than that, his designs are beautifully intricate, marrying texture with daintiness. I hankered for his rings and his necklaces but I ended up pressing up against the glass and breathing deeply through my nose which was weird and drew weird looks from the very lovely girls who work at Alice E. But look at these and tell me you wouldn't do the same!

And so. 

All jewellery images from the supplied addresses except for the RWB display window photos which are all my own.

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