Thursday, May 26, 2011

A heartbreaking realisation.

"I'm making a zine lampooning hipsters," I told her.
She laughed. "But you're a hipster!"
"I am not!" I replied, aghast. "I care about what I do! I have heart. And I don't want to be 'cooler' than anyone else."

But then I realised I'm making a zine and I have a blog and I blogged about making the zine. All this while we were approaching a bar that you have to text a password to enter. 
Am I just a hipster in denial?


  1. You were in denial. You are in a new place now. Acceptance? I love this btw.

  2. Ah! So empathise with your heartbreak. I had a bit of a giggle when a gaggle of hipsters mooched past our house recently, and a friend made the same observation about me. I was mortified.

    Personally, I think that a hipster is someone who pursues interests for the sake of appearances and with passionless superficiality. Therefore, caring/having heart disqualifies you.

    Bring on the zine, and please use 'aghast' more. It is such an Anne Shirley word, it reminded me of hours spent reading Green Gables and wishing for red hair.

  3. Kayla, I love you forever for name-dropping Anne Shirley. Isn't it a grand word? 'Mortified' is similarly awesome. And red hair is but a bottle of dye away... DO IT! When the zine is done, I'll scan it up so we can all commiserate and self-identify together. As we drink tea from mismatched china. And listen to the leaked Bon Iver album. In plaid.

    ps. Anonymous, I fear you're right. I really do. My very own quarter-life identity crisis. I don't think I've achieved acceptance yet but am cathartic? Baby steps. The zine may very well prove medicinal.

  4. It's okay, you're the good kind of hipster ;) And I look forward to the zine!