Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I keep having dreams about style blogging and, more weirdly, about style bloggers. Last night I dreamt that I was introduced to the Man Repeller and we instantly hit it off as only two fashnerds in harem pants and turbans can (so what if hers is Prada and mine is a knotted silk sash? UNIMPORTANT.) So we were laughing and running through Barneys throwing things at each other to try on and, as it was a dreamscape not a real-life situation, the floorstaff and other customers were beaming benevolently at us instead of shooting us filthy glares and strong-arming us out the glass doors.
It was seamless. 
It was bizarre. 

And much better than the prospect of dreaming about what I have actually been doing this past week which has been filling out an ethics application. Nothing stumped me quite as much in all those (25+) pages as the question "provide a brief summary of the project in lay language (approximately 100 words.)" 

'My project is about... style blogs?"

Yes, I can wax lyrical about the minutiae of blog readership but ask me to be brief and I go blank. Luckily I had days to tweak that three sentence answer to perfection (and that's why I'm a fashademic!)
And now, it's done! I really, really hope it goes through asaps so I can start interviewing people... (And all of a sudden, I'm super earnest. Behind this bravado is a twisted knot of ambition, hopes and socially awkward nerdiness. I try and hide it from you but you see right through me, don't you?)

So, what else? (yes, this is like an email. Let's call it a narratorial choice and move on) Today is the last day of filming for Lindy & I so hopefully we will have something to show you in a couple of weeks. I have also found that there's a professional academic also working on style blogs which was really exciting, found an article that she wrote which was even more exciting, then found that the article was written entirely in the most beautiful French. Cue a frantic call and a generous friend of a friend and now it's being translated! Am keen to hone up my French so in future it can be me hunched over the Francais-English dictionary while smoking a Gauloises...but minus the Gauloises... because I don't smoke. 

I also had an idea for a bag I'm going to make and bore you to death with in-progress pictures of and started a zine in which I will vent all my hipster 'ughhhhhhhh's. It's called 'See the World through Wayfarer Glasses' unless I think of something better which won't be hard because that title is fairly lame. I am terrible at thinking of titles for projects- when I said that I was going to call this 'Rosie's Fashion Blog' I was only half joking. Luckily there are people like YSIC in the world who are able to take two words and merge them into one giving birth to clevernesses such as 'fashademic.'
But now I'm just avoiding the PRSS funding form that's due in two days so I will disappear and leave you with this to enjoy

It made my cry with laughter and it's only the trailer.

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  1. Ooh Rosie if I could get in on that translated article I would LOVE to read it!