Monday, May 16, 2011

or, why I like Fake Moodboard so much at the moment.

All the pretty fashions on pretty Tumblrs of lost girls with long tangled hair, wearing antlers or kneeling on unmade beds or smoking louchely and generally looking lost, blank and pouty are irritating me no end lately. 
Give me some grit. 
I want to see sculpted shoulderblades carving through unravelling chiffon. I want to see the sweat as well as the shine, the hangover that comes after the whiskey in the antique glass tumbler is gone. Some decay and some darkness amongst the impossibly glossy, healthful Bambi-girls. 
I want to tell these picturesque and retumblred girls that they don't always have to prance through fields or be cute or be winsome. That hair can be downright filthy and tangled, not just tousled. That they can be a bit ugly, a bit warped, that they can have bits that jut out. Pimples. Bags under their eyes. A hard glare instead of a soft stare. 
Then again, I should probably just spend less time wandering through the internet.

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