Thursday, September 22, 2011

LFW: Giles

Dear Giles Spring 2012,
There's only one way to say this- you took my breath away.

In much of the criticism of style blogs by members of the mainstream fashion media, the sticking point is blogs' subjectivity. Style blogs are criticised as being breathlessly euphoric, their reviews of collections utterly subjective, and the bloggers' opinions are exactly that- only bloggers' opinions. Fair enough- though whether that is good or bad (or whether a value judgment at all needs to be made) is also a subjective position.

But then I come across Giles' recent LFW show, feel my heart drop out from under my ribs and settle somewhere on top of my stomach and I feel like a cliche (and, quite possibly, in need of urgent medical attention.)

Looking through the show was painful- I actually felt my heart constrict. I think I even forgot to keep exhaling, just taking air in and in as if I could somehow make more room for the supernova explosion inside my rib cage.

Is this love? I think, perhaps, yes. 
Truly, deeply, and especially madly.

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