Friday, October 28, 2011

Movie time

Here at Fashademic HQ (today's hot desk in the ARC) I am once again experiencing the strange sensation of my mind melting into jelly. The reason for this bizarre occurrence is prolonged blog archive trawling, a necessary activity in order to finish my prologue. And I am almost finished! There are fragments of perfection in there (to satisfy the pedant in me) but it's not there yet... but oh, how I wish it was!

In the interests of preserving what little of my sanity remains, I turned to fashion films. Let me then present to you some of my favourite recent releases and may you also enjoy their surreality, their bizarrity (deal with it) and their showstopper clothes. 

AnOther Magazine Issue 21 featuring Rachel Weisz from AnOther Magazine.

Kenzonique from KENZO.

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