Thursday, October 20, 2011

tangerine lipstick and neck moles. O YEAH.

Miss me

Today was gloriously like summer and yet it stopped just this side of 'sweaty mess' and so I lingered a while in 'healthy glow.' So I took full advantage of the late afternoon sun and the free application of a new shade of neon orange lippy at M.A.C. and here are the results, in unedited glory for your viewing pleasure: ta da! My inimitable pout. (I say it's inimitable'... but I really just like using the word 'inimitable'... yep.)

I really like this lipstick. It's $36, but. Unfortunately I've hovered around it in the M.A.C. store too many times to do a quick swipe on my way to work every day and go on my merry way while escaping notice. RATS! 

I wish I was one of those girls whose lipstick stays on their lips but alas, that's not me. I'm all about the smeary edges and flecks of colour on my teeth and enthusiastic drinks-drinking, so I inevitably end up with the outline of lip pencil and just-stained-lips colour where the high gloss/cool matte should be. Shame.

O hai little eye-wrinkles. You're cute! You can stay. 


  1. Pretty lipstick lady!

    Try colouring your entire lip with liner before putting on your lipstick - that way when the lipstick fades away you're left with an even base, rather than an outline.

  2. you are a genius. I will give that a try!