Monday, November 14, 2011

The Sartorialist is killing it lately...

Is this the coolest girl ever or what? I hope that motorbike in the background is hers, and that her plait flies behind her like a Maypole ribbon as she weaves through traffic and mutters 'Merde!' at the cabs trying to cut her off.
 I don't know whether to look at her sweet bloomers or her killer thighs (look at that muscle tone!) so my eyes are ping-ponging back and forth, with the odd bounce down to the back line of her metallic loafers.
 This somehow doesn't look costume-y, even though it's so heavily inflected by Fifties pop culture. Soda pop culture, even (ho ho.)
 Well, this is just moodily beautiful, isn't it? As with some of the best outfits, the individual components don't shout 'necessary for a killer outfit!!' A floral multicoloured top that could moonlight as curtains in a motel in Albury-Wodonga and what looks like a purple lamé skirt sound "risky"... but when worn by a strikingly beautiful young woman on a shadowy afternoon, you have one of the best photographs to be uploaded to The Sart in recent weeks.
 "Are you in a fraternity? Are you Steve Jobs, the billionaire CEO of Apple? No? Then you have no reason to wear New Balance shoes. Ever!"

I didn't even know this was my credo until I heard it spark from the lips of Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love (try not to become too distracted by the mental picture of Ryan Gosling's lips.) But my credo it is, gentle reader, with the one single exception of this gent.  Here's what I've got, with the working title of 'Why New Balance Sneakers Are Not A Dealbreaker In This Image.' His sneakers are not those big, lumpen white ones that look like giant marshmallows are attacking your feet neither is he wearing them with otherwise unsporty attire. Moreover, in addition to being dark, his sneakers are streamlined, and thus work visually with his skins, his structured jacket and his pose. Very nice, Miss Pam.

Of course, I cannot reblog photos from that site without being in mind of the frank, somewhat controversial interview with Schuman recently published by website The Talks which sent waves around the internet recently: "one of the other problems of many blogs like Tavi’s is that they are people who write about fashion, but in order to have a visual element they steal pictures from other people." 

Would we call it "steal(ing) pictures"? My feelings are that reblogging images has always been an integral part of style blogging, and that it should generally be done with respect to the photographer (where possible), with links to the original source to indicate that the images are not the bloggers' intellectual property (and I am first to admit that I have not always been as diligent about this as I should have been.) Reblogging can also further the name, work and reputation of the photographer/illustrator/what have you by disseminating their images to a wider audience, which costs the photographer nothing but may result in more opportunities and recognition...

What do you think?

All images from The Sartorialist

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