Friday, November 11, 2011

Time for a change

Every time I get my hair dyed, it storms. This is a meteorological certainty. In fact. I am sure that all that would be necessary to turn the Simpson Desert into the Simpson Inland Ocean would be the timely construction of a salon and an appointment for myself therein.

So here I am, sitting in the chair. The amazing Sheree is standing behind me, holding up strands of my streaky hair, one part natural regrowth to two parts orangey-blonde. We're talking balayage, as I want something low maintenance for summer (do you know how fast the summer sun strips red hair? Coupled with the saltwater of the ocean? In a red hot minute, that's how fast) but I feel misgivings because... well... it feels like there's a congaline of blonde-brushed girls from California to Coogee and I didn't want to just blend in, another Erin Wasson wanna-look-alike. So Sheree opaquely tells me that she's been taking a lot of girls pink lately... looking down at my hair... not noticing the huge grin on my face. It took all of a minute to think it over- "let's do it!"

Which is how I ended up like this:

My hair is a combination of salmon sherbet and Goth-girl hot pink and I only love it! Of course, as soon as we were sudsing the colour out at the basin there was an ominous rumble above. The sky out the window had deepened almost imperceptibly so that the cobalt clouds seemed like an extension of the blazing blue afternoon that had preceded their arrival. Then down came the deluge: angled sheets of rain throwing themselves at the windows, growling thunder, and the odd fork of silverwhite lightning carving open the sky. My hair was as wet as if I was standing outside and, once dried to the colour of cotton candy, dangerously pink above my white dress. Luckily they kindly lent me a huge umbrella to shield the colour and I dashed up to catch the bus... to go greet my Granny for a cocktail party. I think the change was somewhat of a shock, so I comforted her by telling her that at least it was temporary... but I chose not to elaborate on how 'temporary'... because I might just keep this crazy for a while yet!

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