Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Love(s) AnOther Loves

Every week I get a newsletter from AnOther Magazine in my email inbox and I always click straight onto 'AnOther Loves.' It's a part of the website where international curators upload an image of something they love- a photograph, a luxury item, an artwork. It's always diverse, interesting and oftentimes intriguing, so I couldn't help sharing some of my recent favourites with you. 
I'm not even on their payroll, but you should totes sign up for it if you haven't yet. If nothing else, it will make a change from the constant 'Just In: New Items in Your Size!' notifications from various luxe e-tailers... or is that just me? BLUSH:

Jil Sander 1996

Michigan Theatre Detroit. Used as a theatre in 1926, now used as a car park.
Aqueous Floreau, Mark Mawson

The inimitable Jean Seberg in a rockin' jumper.

All images from AnOther Loves.

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  1. oh that Jill Sander shot! I may need to sign up as well....