Friday, October 26, 2012

sporty somehow

I recently had an out of body experience from which I have not yet recovered. Somewhere in America, somewhere between Wrigley Field and US Cellular (and perhaps even transmitted into my bones by a constant feed of ESPN), I became a baseball fan. You know me- me who avoids working up a sweat like the plague, and who can think of nothing more dreary than an afternoon accompanied by the erratic roar of a televised sports crowd or worse, the stultifying mostly-silence of a cricket broadcast, only punctuated by the crack of a ball on bat once every half hour. It's downright unAustralian, right? Whatever. 

But then, then somehow I changed. So now I find my blood quickening when it's game time. I keep ESPN's MLB gamecast open as I read articles on Veblen's theory of conspicuous consumption, eyes constantly flicking between the two. I- and I can hardly even admit to this- but I find myself fist-pumping the air whenever the Tigers score. What is happening to me?

But you know, one constant amongst all of this is the sporty aesthetic which I have long enjoyed and am now embracing wholeheartedly. Which leads me to today's outfit post, featuring some treasures from my time in the USA. He and I found these football britches in a little town in Michigan (the one playing Pina on the single screen cinema, to my surprise and delight) and he bought them for me for the grand sum of five dollars. They're in the colours of the local high school team, the last pair left, and they fit like a dream. 
Sooo nice, right? Pretty much the nicest ever.

Here I am modelling the pants (sideview) with a bassike tee and my new favourite cap featuring my new (and only) favourite team, the Detroit Tigers. This is a cap commemorating the last time they won the World Series, in 1984. If you asked, I could explain what the World Series is and even name half the team so don't even worry about it. And yes, I am watching this World Series like a hawk. The Tigers are playing again and I am gunning (maybe even praying) for a win so... watch this space, sports fans.

 My shoes are Repetto patent brogues in the whitest of bright whites that I bought in Paris and the 'bracelet' is one of the necklaces I make multitasking.

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