Thursday, December 20, 2012

On my work on style blogging (but mostly on myself)

A casual reader of Fashademic might wonder what I'm actually working on, as I rarely ever directly talk about my research. Or I feel like I don't. Partly I'm keeping it to myself so all the good stuff goes into the actual thesis (though sometimes I wish I could just print out my archive three times, bind that and have done with- surely my markers would enjoy my Benjamin fangirling and my reposting of Nineties Vogue shoots I like?) Partly I don't want to put my ideas in the public domain before I have thoroughly worked them up, or to make them accessible before I have published them in a 'proper' academic channel. 

But if you have read between the lines, you'll be certain that I'm most concerned with one question: what does it mean to style blog? And how can I write about myself as much as possible in an academic thesis under the guise of "auto-ethnography"? (Okay, okay, the last question is a joke... mostly.)

But lately I had the opportunity to do a short talk on my research for a collection of alumni from my very own beloved Arts and Social Sciences Faculty, here at Sydney University. I was one of three speakers; the other two speakers were very accomplished and spoke about the creation of their short film which was screened in the Venice Film Festival and their work in support of marriage equality legislation in Australia. And then I showed everyone how to pose like a style blogger. 

So, if you'd like to hear me talk a little about my work, at the end of this article there's a podcast of our talks- I recommend all three, as Sophie and Sen presented really interesting, inspiring talks, and I... well, I showed everyone how to pose as a style blogger

(Here I am with Professor Duncan Ivison, Dean of the Faculty, with Sophie and Sen #nofilter)


  1. Hi Rosie! I've just come across you via your article 'At one remove from reality'. I'm in the very final stages of writing up my PhD on narrative & place identity via an analysis of the Perth blogging & social media network and I found your article really helpful :) Can't wait to have a bit of time to read a bit more about what you do - looks like you've got a great blog here!

  2. Hey Erin! Thanks! I'm so excited to learn about your research too- and congratulations on almost being finished, how wonderful. Are there any journal articles you've published on your work so far that I could read? I'm so glad you found the article helpful! x