Tuesday, March 12, 2013

'Fashion's New Showdown' for Vogue Australia

Readers of my first ever blogpost way back in February oh-ten will know that we have Vogue Australia to blame for my introduction to the heady world of fashion. Then-Rosie with her braces and predilection for wearing jodhpurs (more 'obsessed with horses' than 'on-trend preppy') could never have known that those heavy, glossy pages would throw wide a new way of imagining from which I would never emerge. And here I am ten years later, writing a PhD about another kind of fashion communication that has flung open doors (or 'windows'? ho ho) to new avenues for people to interact with and explore fashion- and I just wrote about it for Vogue. And so completes the circle.

Click here to read 'Fashion's New Showdown: bloggers and journalists' (if you like? No pressure... ok, a little pressure?) And while you're there, please do leave a comment if you have a different opinion or have more to add or if you just want to gush about blogs with me. And... go!

Image from vogue.com.au


  1. I may not know you, but as a fashion blogger/freak/addict myself, I know exactly how big of a deal it is to write for Vogue so I felt the need to say... Congrats! You've done it! Be proud of yourself!
    ... *goes back to couch to read Vogue and dream of one day writing for this bloody magazine, too*

  2. Thanks Nadine! I'm definitely feeling proud/pinching myself. And I'm so glad to (virtually?) meet another blog addict- hello! hurrah for us! Looking forward to checking your blog out in my next break from PhD/procrastinating sesh x

  3. Hi Rosie,

    I came across this article and thought how funny, I wrote my honours dissertation on this exact same topic in 2010!
    What I found though was very promising for journalists (phew!), the consensus was clear that journalists offer a level of credibility that fashion bloggers cannot. Their dedication to the industry and talent is rewarded with a title and a job offered by a person or a publication that is considered expert, it's an iron clad endorsement.

    That's not to say bloggers aren't hugely influential or that they aren't credible in their own right. Obviously huge numbers of people religiously follow blogs and they are an undeniable force to be reckoned with, however everyone I spoke to gave more credence to publications and journalists. Style blogs have created a new sphere - one people have been begging for - to interact amongst like minded people and as in any social situation some are held up as leaders.

    When it comes to fashion content and writing it seems to boil down to the same thing it always does in publishing - credibility.

    You make a great point about posting 15 consecutive selfies in the same outfit, while people obviously respond to this sort of thing, I think it's important for bloggers to consider how that may be affecting their ability to expand in the future!

    All the best with the PhD, I'm sure I have not written anything you don't already know but it's nice to feel all that work has at least allowed me to join this conversation!