Friday, August 22, 2014

Actual doctor

Brigitte Bardot channelling my general feelings right now.

A few things in list form. 
First. I am an actual doctor now, guys. As many of you already know, I got my examiners' reports a few weeks ago and after writing in a few amendments to make it clearer and more nuanced, it was 100%, completely, totally done. The Arts Faculty have confirmed it, it's on the University of Sydney Library (link in Press if you're keen to read it aka why are you still reading this sentence? GO, it's v. brilliant) and so I have finished my PhD.

Second. I wrote a post a little while ago that some of you saw (and I'm so sorry to people whose RSS feeds told them there was something new and then you found a 'sorry, page not found' where there should have been a post called 'future doctor'. Well, I posted a little thing and it was kind of a goodbye but it was a bit mawkishly sentimental and also, I wasn't ready to say goodbye. And I wrote some awkward "memories" things in it and ew. Let's blame it on getting-my-reports euphoria and forget it ever happened. 

But I've been thinking carefully about the future of this blog ever since I submitted, and while I love the freedom Fashademic offers me to write about anything and nerd out over everything, I'd like to keep it as an archival document spanning the PhD experience, beginning to end, so this will be my last post here.

Third. BUT this is not the end of us, ok? I mean, it doesn't have to be: I'm writing columns on fashion at The Conversation, I'll be listing my academic publications on my profile, and everything will be gathered together at (including a rambly blog of Deborah Turbeville photos and bits and pieces of thinking about self and stuff). I love thinking and writing, and I love that you've been reading along all this time: thank you! It really makes me really happy that you have, and I want to keep sharing work with you. 

Well that's everything for now, and so to end with a quote from Pride and Prejudice (because why not?), "let us say not farewell, but as the French have it, au revoir!"