(you know you can trust the opinions of someone who takes a photograph of herself trying on Wangs in 
Liberty and then leaves without buying them.)

I'm an Australian fashion nerd writing my PhD on style blogs. I'm interested in the blur between fashion and expressions of selfhood online, as well as the outflowing consequences of style blogging on communication of fashion knowledge, notions of publics and privacy, and the increasing commodification of individuals.

I started Fashademic in March 2010 when I commenced my candidature at the University of Sydney, but I've been reading style blogs since late 2008. This is totes a methodological exercise as I learn by 'doing the thing itself.' It's my space to explore ideas, to reblog the interesting or beautiful things I find online and to post pictures of my outfits (... enjoy.)

As well as a full-time student, I'm a university tutor, freelance writer and I also work in a wonderful womenswear boutique in Sydney. I consider myself ridiculously lucky to do what I do. I also have strong feelings for red plaid, orange lipstick, anything sheer, navy or by Dries Van Noten and if you do too you've come to the exact right place.